Labo is responsible for designing the interior of various flagship stores for this high end Italian jewelry brand.

Each retail store is custom tailored to the architecture of the location: the piazza of “San Lorenzo in Lucina” inRome, with the church façade dating back to the year 1112, is a very impressive backdrop for this store location.

This project is characterized by subtle luxury in every aspect with ample use of sophisticated materials and a careful attention to details.

The store consists of a double high space in the front area, a more private display selling area in the back and a VIP room at the lower level.

Light and its reflections play an important role in creating the store vibrant atmosphere.

A sculptural chandelier made of backlit Plexiglas rods runs around all the perimeter of the entrance double high ceiling area.

It creates an interesting game of reflections on the glossy dark materials store palette made of a black marble “palladiana” floor, black lacquered wood display cabinets designed with a pattern of concave grooves and the sculptural wall made of black custom glass tiles carved by hand by a glass master in Murano.

The rear room vibrates with the reflections created by the lights playing on the ribbed gold leaves glass wall.