The property consists of a high bluff overlooking the bay on one side and a natural pond surrounded by flat lawns stretching back to the main road on the other side. The proposed house is to sit between the pond and the edge of the bluff and is to be made up of individual volumes connected by a long “floating” telescope-like corridor. Each individual volume is designed and located so as to best take advantage of the site’s natural features and views. Most of the volumes are simple geometric forms clad in phenolic wood boards meant to evoke traditional wood shingle clad houses. The only volume that is to be constructed differently is the lantern-like glass and steel cube located at the center of the new home. This volume, housing the dining and library functions of the house,  is intended to anchor the house at its center and to provide a visual connection to all the individual volumes of the house, and to the surrounding landscape.

Photos: Jean Bourbon